I United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth

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As a member, you can embark on a journey of impact where the priorities of young people become part of youth-led advocacy and proceedings at the UN.


Get involved as an organization

REGISTER up to be a member through our open process.


Any formal or informal child-led, youth-led and child-and-youth-serving entities in the form of federations, unions, organisations, associations, councils, networks, clubs, movements, mechanisms, structures and other entities, as well as their members may join. You will join a constituency of over 6000 such entities in over 170 countries and territories.

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Starter Pack




All members of the UNITED NATIONS MAJOR GROUP FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH (UNMGCY) must, first and foremost:

Agree to adhere to the Process and Procedures of the UNMGCY (see "Our Governance");

Agree with the principles of the UN Charter;

Agree with the values and principles of the UNMGCY as expressed in its vision: “collective principles of solidarity, justice, equity, inclusion, human rights, and the integrity of the planet.”


Get involved as an individual

REGISTER to be a member OF CHILDREN YOUTH INTERNATIONAL (CYI) through our open process.


If you are a young person age 30 and below, and do not belong to or formally represent a youth led, child led, youth serving or child serving entity you can engage in the UN by becoming a member of Children and Youth International (CYI), the legal entity of the UNMGCY.

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