The GCM in the News

November 30, 2018

By the United Nations Major Group For Children and Youth


Migration Week

What’s happening during Migration Week in Marrakech, Morocco?

It’s actually a ten-day stint, beginning on December 1. It will be a packed schedule, including two civil society days, a summit of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD), two days devoted to 70 side events, setting the ground for the Intergovernmental Conference for Migration (ICM) as its finale on December 10 - 11. Representatives, stakeholders, and governments will be coming together in advocacy of migrants all over the world.


The cooperation of governments at local, regional, and national levels, in partnership with civil groups, including human rights and/or development NGOs, migrants and diaspora associations, trade unions, academics, and private sectors is right in line with the vision of the Global Compact for Migration (GCM). Notably, Marrakech’s city council will be discussing how to implement the GCM in the 5th Annual Mayoral Forum, addressing three major themes relevant to migration issues:

  1. Accommodating special needs and reducing vulnerabilities

  2. Providing access to basic services

  3. Empowering migrants, refugees, and through employment and transference of skills

Outcomes of the side events during Migration Week is to include the launch of publications, such as the European Refugee and Migrant Health Report from the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and announcement of commitments by global and local companies from Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, the United Arab Emirates and the US. Interactive dialogues and discussions will address promoting action on the commitments outlined in the GCM, fostering partnerships and innovative initiatives.

The Youth Forum will take place during Migration Week in December 2018 in Marrakesh, Morocco.


The aim of the Youth Forum is to build capacity and ensure that young people and their communities are actively informed and prepared to take part in the implementation of the GCM from grassroots to intergovernmental levels. It will be a youth-led event, open to all those who wish to participate. It will present a unique engagement opportunity for youth and young migrants. The program will draw on discussions, positions, and actions from different regions through the entire GCM process, seeking to build capacity for policy implementation and a sense of public collective ownership of the GCM success.

The outcome of the forum and the participation of youth in the GCM consultations and negotiations as well as the plan for implementation and follow-up will be presented within intergovernmental and public platforms, including the GCM follow-up and review. This review process will be integral in gauging the success of the implementation, an opportunity to partake in a collective agenda towards a brighter future for not just today’s youth, but the billions more to come.