What is the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth (UNMGCY)?

The UNMGCY is the formal mechanism for young people to engage in the UN.

How was the UNMGCY created and how does it gets its Mandate?

We have a long history, going back to 1992. The UNMGCY receives its mandate from Agenda 21, bilateral agreements and/or terms of reference with specific UN entities.

What does the UNMGCY do?

We act as a bridge between youth entities/young people (and their organisations) and the UN system in order to ensure their right to meaningful participation. To do this effectively it coordinates and facilitates activities along its four areas of work: Policy and Advocacy, Capacity Building, Knowledge and Action.

Why should I engage in the UNMGCY?

Through the the UNMGCY you can embark on a journey of impact where the priorities of young people become part of youth-led advocacy and proceedings at the UN and associated avenues.

Who can engage in the UNMGCY?

Any formal or informal child-led, youth-led and child-and-youth-serving entities in the form of federations, unions, organisations, associations, councils, networks, clubs, movements, mechanisms, structures and other entities can engage by becoming members of the UNMGCY.

What if I don't belong to any youth entity?

No problem. Any individual age 30 or below may engage in the UN MGCY through becoming a member UNMGCY’s legal entity Children and Youth International (CYI) and abide to its Rules of Procedure and Code of Conduct.

What is the process to become a member?

Membership in the UNMGCY (for entities) and CYI (for individuals) is facilitated through an open process. All members and potential members of the UNMGCY and CYI must, first and foremost fulfill the following requirement:

  • Agree to adhere to the Process and Procedures of the UNMGCY;

  • Agree with the principles of the UN Charter;

  • Agree with the values and principles of the UNMGCY as expressed in its Vision - “the collective principles of solidarity, justice, equity, inclusion, human rights and the integrity of the planet”.

I meet the requirements. Now what?

The hardest part is over. Now you just need to fill the relevant membership form.

To register as an organization, you need to complete the registration form for entities here.

To register as an individual, you need to complete the CYI  registration form here.

Once an eligible entity or individual fills in the respective form, the coordination/admin team processes the application and admits them as members and sends a starter kit with relevant information.

How big is your membership?

We have a constituency of over 6000 entities in over 170 countries and territories, consulting with over a billion youth.

What is a Working Group?

A Working Group  is the structure that directly facilitates formal participation in respective UN processes along the UNMGCY’s areas of work. Each UN process or cluster of UN processes has a corresponding working group such as the Migration Working Group or the Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group. Each working group is led by a Global Focal Point (GFP).

Can I register for more than one Working Group?

Yes, any entity or individual can register for as many Working Groups as they want. Each member needs to be registered to at least one Working Group to maintain their membership in UNMGCY.

How much time do I need to volunteer?

You can volunteer as much time as you would like. Your engagement with UNMCGY depends on the amount of time you put in, so the more time you devote, the more meaningful your engagement will be.

Do I have to pay a fee to join?

No, joining UNMGCY is completely free and no membership fees are required.

I do not speak fluent English. Can I join?

Yes. Basic English is usually required to volunteer, but there are various events that require other languages besides English. However, some opportunities do require fluent spoken English. We try to include language requirements for featured opportunities. Please contact the Admin Team about language requirements if it is not listed in the opportunity description at admin@unmgcy.org.  

Can I register from any country in the world? Am I able to work in any region I want?

Yes, UNMGCY’s membership spans 176 countries, hosting platforms for dialogue and knowledge-sharing among children and youth and other stakeholders and partners, including intergenerational discussion, to create joint statements and policy positions for each UN process.

UNMCGY also has Regional Focal Points (RFPs) in 8 regions around the world, who are responsible for regional participation and mobilisation for the respective working groups.

Will I have to attend an interview to become a member?

No. Membership in the UNMGCY is done through an open process facilitated by the Membership Registration Form. 

Will I get a job with UNMGCY if I join as a member?

Becoming a UNMGCY member does not guarantee you a job or an internship with the entity. However, there could be opportunities which may open up through the networks and contacts you establish through your membership.

Does UNMGCY cover my transportation, accommodation, or other costs for events, conferences, etc?

This depends on whether an event is funded or not. If an event is funded, interested people nominate themselves then go through ad-hoc, peer selected elections team using GFPs relevant expertise in the process of the UNMGCY. Every individual who receives any funding on account of UNMGCY is obliged to write a report on the meeting they received the funding for and share it with the UNMGCY Assembly. If an event is not funded, the interested UNMGCY member needs to cover their transportation, accommodation, and other costs to attend.

How can I get more information about serving UNMGCY board member or other entity leaders?

You can found out more information about UNMGCY board members, GFPs, RFPs, and other entity leaders by getting in touch with the Admin Team at admin@unmgcy.org.

If I have concerns about my membership experience, who can I talk to?

If you have any general questions or concerns regarding your membership, please get in touch with the Admin Team at admin@unmgcy.org. If your question is Working Group-specific, please get in touch with the appropriate GFP.

Can I leave my membership duties at any time?

You can end your membership with UNMGCY by submitting the Membership Exit Form. Unsubscribing from all emails from UNMGCY signifies the end of your membership with UNMGCY, and unsubscribing from specific mailing lists signifies the end of your membership with that particular Working Group.  

What if I want to change my working group or leave a working group?

You can end your membership with certain Working Group by submitting the Membership Exit Form. Select the Working Group mailing list you wish to unsubscribe from and it will the end of your membership with that particular Working Group.  

If you would like to join and subscribe to a new Working Group, please send the Admin Team your request at admin@unmgcy.org.

How do I change my contact information with UNMGCY?

To make any changes to your contact information, please send the Admin Team your request at admin@unmgcy.org.

How do I subscribe, unsubscribe or change my e-mail address on the members-only listserv?

You can unsubscribe by submitting the Membership Exit Form. Unsubscribing from all emails from UNMGCY signifies the end of your membership with UNMGCY, and unsubscribing from specific mailing lists signifies the end of your membership with that particular Working Group.  

I am receiving emails from UNMGCY; how did I get on the list?

When you join UNMGCY as a member, you are added to an entity-wide list as well as on each of your Working Groups’ email list to facilitate your engagement with UNMCGY and to share youth-related and entity updates.

What if I have membership questions not answered in the FAQs?

If you have any other questions or concerns not answered here, please reach out to the Admin Team at admin@unmgcy.org.