Humanitarian Affairs

The Agenda for Humanity is a five-point plan that outlines the changes that are needed to alleviate suffering, reduce risk and lessen vulnerability on a global scale.



A five-point plan that resulted out of the World Humanitarian Summit process. It advocates for a number of strategic and normative transformations while outlining the changes that are needed to alleviate suffering, reduce risk and lessen vulnerability on a global scale.

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#1 Prevent and End Conflicts
#2 Respect Rules of War
#3 Leave No One Behind
#4 Work Differently to End Need
#5 Invest in Humanity
— Agenda for Humanity


Our Role

At the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in 2016 in Istanbul, a strong emphasis was placed on the urgent need to safeguard the rights of young people and engage them in humanitarian response efforts.  A Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action was launched, as a concrete and deliberate step by the humanitarian community, to work with and for young people in humanitarian settings.

UNMGCY was the formal youth engagement mechanism for the WHS. It continues to engage in the follow-up process, specially as an active leading entity in the Compact for Young People in Humanitarian Action and its convener for the youth engagement task-force.



The ECOSOC Humanitarian Affairs Segment (HAS) has been an essential platform for discussing the activities and issues related to strengthening the coordination of the humanitarian assistance of the United Nations. The HAS provides a key opportunity for Member States, United Nations entities, humanitarian and development partners, the private sector and affected communities from a range of geographic groups to discuss emerging, pressing and current  humanitarian issues. Through the IASC (Inter Agency Standing Committee) coordinated process, UNMGCY engages in consultations and negotiations of ECOSOC HAS.

As a member of UNMGCY's Humanitarian Affairs Working Group, you have a chance to contribute to all these deliberations and provide inputs at all stages of work. Opportunities are shared through email servers and communication channels

Get involved in this working group. 

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