United Nations Forest Forum



In 2000, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC), in its Resolution 2000/35 established the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), a subsidiary body based on the Rio Declaration, the Forest Principles, Chapter 11 of Agenda 21 and the outcome of the IPF/IFF Processes and other key milestones of international forest policy.

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The management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests and to strengthen long-term political commitment to this end.
— Rio Declaration, Forest Principles: Chapter 11 of Agenda 21


Our Role

The New Urban Agenda (NUA) is the concise, focused, forward-looking and action-oriented outcome document outcome document of the Habitat 3 (the UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development) process. It is an intergovernmentally negotiated global framework aimed at reinvigorating the global commitment to sustainable urbanization while building on the Habitat Agenda of Istanbul in 1996. In addition the NUA has the objective to secure renewed political commitment for sustainable urban development, assess accomplishments to date, address poverty, and identify and address new and emerging challenges.



The activities of the UNFF are carried out through various avenues. These include but are not limited to intergovernmental deliberations, ad hoc expert groups, the Global Forest Financing Facilitation Network (GFFFN), and UNFF Working Groups.

A a member of UNMGCY's Forests Working Group, you have a chance to contribute to all these deliberations and provide inputs at all stages of work. Opportunities are shared through email servers and communication channels.

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